Visiting Croatia? You’ll need a GHIC card

Croatia has been a favourite destination for British holidaymakers since the 1990s.

If you’re planning to travel to Croatia, you’ll need to make sure you have the new Croatia UK Global Health Insurance Card.

This has come about due to Britain’s exit from the EU. Now we all need to make sure we have proper healthcare cover – that means a Croatia Health Insurance Card.

Why is it necessary to make a Croatia GHIC Application?

If you have a valid in-date EHIC card, you won’t need the new GHIC until your card expires – but check the expiry date on your old card. Figures show several million EHIC cards have expired in the last few years. So click here to apply for Hungary GHIC Card.

Why holiday in Croatia? What does it have to offer?

Croatia is one of the fastest growing destinations for British holidaymakers.

Perhaps this is due to it featuring in the hit fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

More than a million Britons now visit Croatia each year. In just the first half of 2018, 1.4 million of us ventured over there.

Croatia faces Italy across the Adriatic Sea. It has a warm, sunny climate.

There are plenty of flights and the trip takes just two-and-a-half hours.

Beach holidays are plentiful with most of the tourist industry concentrated along the Adriatic coast, but Croatia is also full of culture with a myriad of open-air festivals during the summer.

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The Croatian capital, Zagreb, is packed with coffee houses and cafes. It has a medieval quarter and is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art. There’s also the Museum of Broken Relationships – which scores highly on the list of quirkiest places to visit.

Dubrovnik, with its medieval Old Town, is also a must-see and the city has some good beaches too.

If Roman ruins are your thing, Pula, Split and Solin should be on your list of places to visit.

And, for those into wellness, Croatia offers a variety of mountain spa resorts.

If you like nightlife, the towns of Hvar and Rab are the places to stay. They both have lots of hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Language shouldn’t be a problem – especially in tourist areas and big cities – but you could face challenges in rural locations.

Because of the Covid pandemic, it’s important to check the Government website for up-to-date travel advice relating to Croatia:

What to expect with your Croatia GHIC Card

This is what you can expect from the Croatian healthcare system if you have a Croatia Health Insurance Card.

Keep this information to hand when planning your visit:

For any emergency call 112.

Your Croatia UK GHIC card will entitle you to free treatment in most Croatian hospitals. If you are hospitalised, you will be charged a daily fee of 100 Croatian Kuna which is around £12. Fees are capped at 2000 Kuna which is around £240.

For a visit to a doctor, again, your GHIC card will give you free medical care providing your doctor works under contract to the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF). However, you will be charged a small fee of 10 Kuna which is about £1.20.

You can also visit a dentist in Croatia providing they are working under contract to the CHIF. So check first. You will be charged a small fee of just 10 Kuna which is around £1.20.

Hospitals in Croatia are, in general, very good, having the latest technology and well-qualified staff.

You can apply for a Croatia GHIC here.

The Croatia UK GHIC Global Health Insurance Card

If you’re going to Croatia, it will be necessary for British residents to have a GHIC global health insurance card in order to access healthcare in the country.

The GHIC will give you the right to state-provided healthcare in Croatia.

As more than 5 million of the old EHIC cards expired in 2019, it’s possible that a further 5 million expired in 2020. If a further 5 million are due to expire this year, it’s very possible that you could be among those needing to apply for a GHIC card.

If you don’t have an EHIC card, or if your EHIC is due to expire, you will need to apply for the new GHIC health insurance card. Click to apply for Greece GHIC Card here.

You don’t have to wait if your EHIC is due to expire in the next six months. You can make your GHIC application now – and you can do it quickly and easily whilst you’re on this website.

As with the old EHIC card, the GHIC card will cover necessary medical treatment in Croatia.

However, if you have a pre-existing condition, you will need to buy travel insurance to cover it.

Apply for your Croatia GHIC on this website.

Get Your Global Health Insurance Card

Make your Croatia GHIC Application now

Who can apply for a Croatia GHIC card or Germany GHIC card? Anyone whose healthcare is paid for by the UK.

There are others who can apply. These include:

• citizens of EU countries living in the UK
• UK students on placements or studying in an EU or EEA country
• employees posted to an EU country by a UK employer
• some pensioners (and their families) who receive a British State Pension but live in the EU

So don’t delay, look after your healthcare today. Then you can rest assured that you are covered for all necessary treatment in Croatia.

You can apply for your Croatia UK GHIC Card on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the UK GHIC card

How do I check my EHIC expiry date?

The expiry date is printed on your EHIC card. You can apply for your Croatia GHIC six months before your EHIC expires.

I’ve lived in the UK for five years but I’m not a UK citizen. Am I eligible to make a Croatia UK Global Health Insurance Card application?

Yes, you can make a UK GHIC card application providing you were living in the UK before January 1st 2021.

Does the Croatia GHIC cover family members?

No, but you can apply for a GHIC card on their behalf.