Visiting Latvia safely with a GHIC card

The world in 2021 is vastly different to how it was before the Covid-19 pandemic gripped it. Travel between countries has become much harder, with the need to contain outbreaks of the virus ever more pressing. The tourism industry has been gutted since the early part of 2020 but with a GHIC card, UK Nationals can at least be ensured that they can access healthcare in their destination country with ease.

We must also bear in mind the effects of Brexit – the EHIC which until now has sufficed for UK Nationals has been recently replaced the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC).

And if you have a GHIC card like Poland GHIC card you can go anywhere in the EU and EEA and access free or reduced-cost healthcare (or you can still go private if you prefer). And one country we highly recommend you visit is Latvia – and it is much easier and stress-free if you have a Latvia UK GHIC Card.

Visiting Latvia – what you need to know

Latvia may not be the first destination for tourists but trust us, it is full of surprises. Those with a connection to Latvia know the hidden gems that await in this jewel of the Baltic region. Those who do not are in for the time of their life in a dynamic, open, and friendly nation which is also beautiful and full of history.

Latvia has lush pine forests one can explore for a day and its architectural wonders and remnants of the Soviet era are a sight to behold. The old town in the capital, Riga, whilst it has lost its walls, has an impressive range of old buildings, winding streets, and beer gardens and street cafes.

You are definitely going to want to spend some time in Riga in winter too – it looks just like a Christmas card scene (fitting, as the very first Christmas tree was erected there) and it is a simply magical place to be. And did we mention that over 750 art nouveau buildings remain despite the devastation of World Wars?

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Stay safe with a Latvia UK GHIC card

When you think of beaches, the Baltic region does not exactly come to mind – but Latvia has its fair share of golden sands and surf. And what better than a stroll along the sands of Jūrmala or Ventspils as the waves lap at your feet? Latvia has this and many more surprises in store for the UK traveller. So whether you are visiting or working in this beautiful country, it really is worth spending some time getting to know Latvia.

However, with the replacement of the EHIC card for UK Nationals due to Brexit and our departure from the EU, it is vitally important that anyone thinking of travelling, working, or those living in Latvia think about their health insurance so there are no nasty surprises in store. Only Latvian residents can access free healthcare without an EHIC or GHIC card like Portugal GHIC card.

A Latvia health insurance card is therefore vital as nationals from outside the EEA must pay for their healthcare if anything goes wrong.

The Latvia GHIC Card – what is it?

Travel broadens the mind and the horizons. It is one of the things which connects us all. We discover new cultures, new ways of life, new ideas, and we make new memories to last us a lifetime. However, in this unprecedented time, tourists need health insurance more than ever. The world is slowly opening up again. With the changing political landscape of Brexit as well, now is the time to be prepared for anything.

The GHIC card has replaced the EHIC card for UK Nationals but do not fear – getting a Latvia UK Global Health Insurance Card is as easy as applying for and receiving the EHIC card was. Access to a Latvia UK GHIC card has never been easier.

So don’t delay – get your Latvia GHIC and Romania GHIC card application in today.

Applying for a Latvia GHIC is quick, easy, and cost-effective

Finding a reputable supplier for your Latvia UK Global Health Insurance Card should be your first port of call. At, we are trusted by people just like you to help them with their Latvia GHIC application every day in the UK. We make the process easy and efficient with peace of mind for our customers. With our easy-to-follow application process, UK nationals can be assured that they are applying for their GHIC through a company which will be with them every step of the way. So if you are applying for a Latvia health insurance card it really could not be easier.

Applications can be made for individuals, as well as for spouses and children. You will need to provide your details including full name, National Insurance no., address, date of birth, and EHIC pin number if relevant. We charge a £35 application fee through and work with the NHS.

By choosing for your Latvia GHIC requirements, you are guaranteed that you will be able to access health care services as soon as you arrive.

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Latvia GHIC FAQs

Why do I need a Latvia GHIC card?

Latvia charges non-residents for healthcare if they do not have insurance. Therefore, if you are a UK resident you need to apply for a Latvia GHIC to access free or reduced-cost state-provided healthcare in the country.

Who can apply for a GHIC?

You can apply for a GHIC card for Latvia if you are one of the following: A tourist visiting the county, a pensioner who lives in the country and has a UK State Pension, a student looking to study in Latvia, a worker posted to the country by a UK employer, and an individual who works in both the UK and the EU.

Why should I choose Latvia as my next destination?

We’ll leave that decision up to you – but we believe that Latvia is one of the top destinations in the world for the traveller that is looking for some old-world charm with a cosmopolitan twist. Visit Latvia today with a Latvia GHIC card.