Visit Lithuania with a GHIC card

Lithuania is a country of wonders waiting to be discovered. This Baltic state is simply an experience to be beheld. With a Lithuania UK Global Health Insurance Card, it is an even better experience for you.

Travel to Europe has changed since January 1st, 2021. Brexit has meant that Britain has left the European Union and European Economic Area and new paperwork is therefore needed to visit Lithuania as well as the other countries. Luckily, there is no need to worry about accessing state-funded Lithuanian healthcare with a Lithuania GHIC card.

Lithuania – A baltic gem waiting to be discovered with a Lithuania UK GHIC Card

What makes Lithuania a prime candidate for your bucket list in 2021 and beyond? This country nestled in the north-eastern corner of Europe between Latvia and Belarus contains a multitude of surprises for the curious traveller, student, and those looking to make a new home alike. The southernmost of the Baltic states, alongside Latvia and Estonia, Lithuania is just waiting to be discovered with a Lithuania GHIC or Spain GHIC card.

From an eclectic capital city to solitary sand dunes and a mound of crosses so high it defies your expectations, Lithuania is a quirky and unforgettable place. It will sit in your memories for the rest of your life – all you need to do is discover it.

The capital city, Vilnius, is an ideal city break. With its variety of charming, colourful churches, baroque residences, and winding and inviting alleyways and streets, this city is a living, breathing cosmopolitan capital. Lively bars, cafes, and music venues await around every corner here. Designer boutiques and high-end stores await the curious traveller.

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Explore curiosities and more safely with a Lithuania GHIC card

For the person who looks for the odd side of reality, the Hill of the Crosses in Šiauliai in the north-central region of Lithuania needs to be seen to be believed. A literal mound of crosses ranging from elaborate large crosses to tiny mass-produced ones, this curiosity has been added to over the years by pilgrims, newlyweds, and visitors alike. You can spend the entire day and still not count them all.

Or why not visit the diabolically named Museum of the Devils in Kaunas? In this museum, hundreds of devil dolls, figurines, and statuettes, personally collected by Antanas Žmuidzinavičius, a Lithuanian painter who died in 1966, are waiting to shock and surprise you.

Discover the rich history with a Lithuanian UK Global Health Insurance Card

Those who want some time away from it all can walk along the Curonian spit, a 60km stretch of sand extending from Klaipeda to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. This hauntingly beautiful area is a solitary, beautiful strip of pine, sand, and tiny, charming communities. And in the summer, the beaches are thronged with merrymakers. It really is an area of contrasts.

Why not take a trip to the most popular destination in Lithuania which is within easy reach of Vilnius? The castle on the lake needs to be on your bucket list.

The Trakai Historical National Park is just 30km from the capital and can be easily reached by train. The high point of this trip is crossing the small footbridge to the restored Gothic Island Castle. You can also explore the lakes at your leisure via foot or pedalboat.

And for those wishing to pay their respects to the victims of WWII, the Paneriai forest 10km to the southwest of Vilnius must be visited with its monuments and museums. Experience history and isolated beauty at these attractions and more safely with a Lithuanian UK GHIC card.

Making your Lithuania GHIC Application couldn’t be easier

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What is the cost of my Lithuania GHIC application?

Making your Lithuania GHIC Application is quick and cost-effective. We charge a £35 admin and processing fee and take care of the rest for you after you have supplied your details. Your application is safe in our hands.

Who needs Lithuanian health insurance and why?

Lithuania has an excellent, modern health system funded by the government through health insurance and is free at point-of-access for all Lithuanian residents.

UK nationals who are: Students, travelling, pensioners who draw a UK state pension who also live in the country, and those posted to work in Lithuania by a UK-based company need to have a Lithuania GHIC.

It really is the best way to get peace of mind when you travel.

Why should I make Lithuania my next destination?

We cannot answer that for you – you just have to see for yourself. Those working, studying, living, or visiting there know just how enthralling this quirky country truly is. But to fully enjoy your experience, however long you stay there (be it a weekend or a lifetime) you need to have a Lithuania health insurance card.

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