Visit Luxembourg with a GHIC card

Travel connects us to both ourselves and others. However, UK nationals travelling to the European Union and European Economic Area are faced with extra paperwork and checks. Whether it is for a holiday or to work and live, Brexit has meant that UK residents can no longer use the European Health Insurance Card and must use the UK Global Health Insurance Card. So, wherever you go in Europe, you will be able to access state-funded healthcare.

One of the unspoiled jewels of Old and New Europe is Luxembourg – and making a Luxembourg GHIC application is easy.

Visiting Luxembourg With a Luxembourg UK GHIC Card

Luxembourg isn’t a place most of us would consider as our ideal holiday destination, but this tiny country nestled in the heart of Europe will surprise you. A Grand-Duchy, bordered by France, Belgium, and Germany, it is easily reachable from anywhere in Europe, due to its strategic location.

There are many reasons to visit Luxembourg. From its natural wonders to its rich cultural, historical, architectural, and artistic diversity, there is something in Luxembourg for everyone. With a Luxembourg UK Global Health Insurance Card, you can visit this country and have true peace of mind.

Discover the country’s unique charms with a Luxembourg UK GHIC Card

Why visit Luxembourg? Let us tell you why. From natural splendour to artistic and culinary delights, Luxembourg should be top of your list for destinations.

The natural wonders of this country are famous the world over. From the lush green valleys of the Ardennes to the vineyards nestled along the Moselle river and the rock formations of the Mullerthal region you can drive, cycle, or walk through some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe. The Land of the Red Rocks, named for its rich iron deposits, is a testament to the Grand-Duchy’s industrial past. Walking routes abound, and every region has its own unique charm.

Sites and attractions are within easy reach in Luxembourg – the country truly has human dimensions. And there is plenty to do and see there. Over its six regions, there is a rich cultural, historical, industrial, and architectural heritage which is waiting to be discovered. There are very few other places with as much to see in such a small area and with a Luxembourg GHIC card you can see them in safety.

The capital city, Luxembourg City, has parts which are listed by UNESCO. This lively, cosmopolitan city is bustling with life everywhere you go. This jewel of Old Europe has managed to retain its human side, with a unique contrast between the ultra-modern international business centre and the medieval fortifications and old town of the city. It is one of the most relaxed cities on Earth.

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An easy place to travel in with a Luxembourg UK Global Health Insurance Card

It is also an incredibly manageable place to visit – the short distances of the country mean that everything is within easy reach and you can tick off a huge amount of your bucket list within just a few days. An excellent public transport system means that your visit can be done on a budget (leaving you more money to enjoy yourself) and the modern road network means a drive around the Grand-Duchy is always a pleasure.

Luxembourg is an incredibly diverse, multicultural, and multilingual country. There are over 170 nationalities that call Luxembourg their home, and this has had a huge effect on the gastronomic (Luxembourg has one of the highest concentrations of Michelin Star restaurants in the world), artistic, and cultural landscape of the Grand-Duchy. There are also a multitude of sports activities in the country due to this positive multicultural mix. Almost everyone speaks French, German, and English here as well as a stunning array of languages from across the world.

It is also one of the safest countries in the world (though we do recommend you make your Luxembourg UK GHIC application before you go, just to be sure!)

Why a Luxembourg GHIC Card is important

Brexit is changing the political landscape and affecting the travel plans of UK citizens through 2021 and beyond. Luckily, however, the UK and EU governments have carried out an unprecedented amount of work to ensure that Britain’s exit from the bloc is as smooth and orderly as possible.

UK nationals can no longer access state-funded healthcare in the EU and EEA (although private care is still an option). Adding the cost of healthcare onto your holiday budget can be a worry that you just don’t need. This is why the British government introduced the UK Global Health Insurance Card like Sweden GHIC card and Austria GHIC card, which has replaced the EHIC. Just like any international traveller from outside the EU, health insurance must now be paid for inside the EU whether you are just visiting or you work and live in Luxembourg.

A Luxembourg health insurance card is vital for UK nationals – otherwise, if something goes wrong and you fall ill or get in an accident, you will have to pay for your medical bills.

Start your Luxembourg GHIC Application through

It is, thankfully, easy to apply for a Luxembourg GHIC card and Belgium GHIC card – Just start our easy application process, enter your details, and pay a small fee and your card will be with you in no time. We make the process easy, affordable, and are one of the most trusted sites for those who want to travel, work, or live in Luxembourg. Don’t delay – apply for your Luxembourg GHIC card today.

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Who can apply?

Tourists, pensioners who draw a UK pension who are living in Luxembourg, students, or those who are posted to the country by a UK company for work can make a Luxembourg GHIC application through

Do I really need a GHIC card? Can’t I just go private?

Yes, you can, though we recommend getting a GHIC card as this will save on your private healthcare insurance.

Why should Luxembourg be on my bucket list?

We think Luxembourg will surprise you – this living reminder of Old and New Europe will charm and invigorate you in a way very few other places can. Start your application for your Luxembourg health insurance card and start your adventure.