A UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) for Malta

While only a small archipelago, Malta is packed with a wonderous variety of experiences for visitors. From scuba diving excursions and secret coves to ancient temples and hilltop fortresses, there is much to see and do. Renowned for their hospitality, the Maltese are welcoming people, proud to introduce guests to their traditional dishes and mysterious history. To ensure you can appreciate all this European destination has to offer, before booking your ticket, you should first get a Malta UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC).

Essential medical help with a Malta UK GHIC card

The GHIC has effectively replaced the previously issued European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Now when you travel, a Malta GHIC card will entitle you to essential medical aid and health services either at considerably reduced cost or completely free of charge.

Before your trip, a Malta GHIC or Bulgaria GHIC card application must be completed fully and then you’ll be covered for the duration of your stay until you arrive back in the UK. You will also receive assistance if you require urgent healthcare services due to a pre-existing condition while are on holiday or away on business.

Once you arrive, the Malta health insurance card will also cover routine maternity assistance, for example, if you have to give birth unexpectedly. It is worth noting however that your GHIC will not provide cover if you select to visit Malta, specifically to have your baby.

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Peace of mind after your Malta GHIC application is complete

You’ll need to provide appropriate proof of your nationality and address in the UK to apply for a GHIC like Croatia GHIC card, but once you’ve received official notification that your application has been approved, you can use your new Malta health insurance card.

From its cultured capital Valetta where art galleries and museums contrast with modern opera houses to the bustling backstreets of Vittoriosa, there are plenty of urban adventures to be enjoyed in Malta. Candlelit festivals, cathedrals adorned with Caravaggio art and walled cities studded with churches are waiting to be appreciated but you’ll feel far safer knowing that you and your family are covered regarding healthcare needs. As long as they are UK citizens, all family members can be covered by GHIC cards, and applications can be made on behalf of a spouse or children for convenience. Ensuring all the family possess a Malta GHIC can offer the ultimate sense of security.

Staying safe using your Malta GHIC card

Underwater exploration is a popular pastime for travellers to Malta, but up on the surface, you can sail to the island of Comino or step ashore on sandy beaches. There are also rocky cliffs to climb and ancient sites of historic significance to ascend to. While unique activities and adventure sports are exhilarating, they can come with associated risks. GHICs can keep life stress-free and simple when unfortunate incidents occur.

If you have an accident, a Cyprus GHIC card can cover your emergency medical help. Even if the nature of your healthcare needs is not so extreme but still require immediate attention, like a dental issue that’s ruining your holiday, GHISs will provide you with the assistance you require.

Using your Malta UK Global Health Insurance Card is not difficult. You just need to present your GHIC card when healthcare services or prescriptions are delivered by a state-funded healthcare provider. They will then use the details that you give them to confirm you are eligible to receive reduced cost or completely free services, under the agreed arrangement between the EU and the UK.

The Ministry of Health for Malta has stated that unless a UK citizen is a holder of a GHIC they must pay for any aid provided by public healthcare services so apply for yours today.

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Frequently asked questions about Malta GHIC cards Malta

Following BREXIT do you need to pay for healthcare services in Malta?

As the United Kingdom neared the date for officially cutting ties with the EU, this has been a concern of many travellers. Different EU countries use a wide variety of systems and structures when it comes to healthcare. Potentially this may have resulted in British travellers facing weighty charges when they become injured or ill on a European holiday. It was also feared that to compensate, travel insurance would be required containing significant cover for healthcare or aid with a pre-existing condition.

Now UK citizens can get a Malta UK Global Health Insurance Card, making it possible for them to receive basic healthcare entirely free of charge there, among other countries in the European Union.

On a trip to Malta will a GHIC give you completely free medical aid?

Healthcare systems are not all comparable when it comes to the services that are free and charged for. You may find that what is free of charge on the NHS may not be so in Malta. While emergency treatment and initial prescriptions will be covered, you will be required to make payment for services or medication after this point. Additionally, travellers requiring private forms of healthcare will find that a Malta GHIC will not cover this.

Do you require travel insurance for a trip to Malta if you have a GHIC?

It’s important to remember that visiting Malta with a GHIC card doesn’t replace the requirement of travel insurance. On your trip a Malta UK GHIC card assists you in accessing different types of healthcare swiftly, often without charge when delivered, travel insurance may still be necessary for many other reasons. These may include helping you return to the UK if you become injured ill or rescued if you are injured at a remote location.

Dedicated travel insurance can also cover your needs when you require specialist treatment for an existing health condition while you are visiting Malta. You may find that some providers will insist on a GHIC before offering you travel insurance however many companies will also reduce excess payments you would usually make when you submit health-related claims if you are a GHIC holder.