Netherlands GHIC Card

If you are visiting the Netherlands this year, you may be considering which medical and health insurance to opt for. It is important you choose a policy which can not only cover the costs of your care if you become poorly or have an accident while in the Netherlands, but one that also includes your preexisting medical conditions and maternity care, if you need it. The Netherlands GHIC Card – or Netherlands UK Global Health Insurance Card – is an easy and affordable way to ensure you get free or reduced-cost healthcare if you should need it, and at a time you need it most.

What is a GHIC card?

A Global Health Insurance Card, or GHIC Card, is a replacement of two preexisting medical insurance documents:

1. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
2. E111 form

GHIC Cards like Estonia GHIC card allows the beholder free or reduced costs to state healthcare in any of the 27 EU countries, in other words, you can be treated in resident GP practises and hospitals and pay the same as a local would. As the name implies, a Netherlands GHIC Card entitles the cardholder to free or reduced costs to state healthcare in the Netherlands (aka, Holland) – in popular tourist destinations such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. Typically, a GHIC lasts 3-5 years, depending on the type of card you apply for. If Netherlands residents visit the UK, they are reciprocated with the same level of care – free healthcare provided by the NHS. Looking at it this way helps to simplify what a Netherlands UK Global Health Insurance Card is and what it does.

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Do I need a Netherlands GHIC Card?

Though one in eight British tourists are involved in an accident or get poorly while on holiday, 20% of them choose not to invest in a health insurance policy. As a result, those without healthcare cover are having to pay for medical attention out of their own pockets, and others can’t afford it so do not get the treatment they require. In short, while healthcare insurance like GHICs can’t stop accidents and illnesses from happening, they can give you the basic cover you need to get better again. This is especially pivotal when you are not physically well enough to fly home and are forced to receive treatment in the Netherlands. In short, a Netherlands Health Insurance Card is highly recommended, but not mandatory in order to travel.

What is healthcare like in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has two brackets of healthcare; primary care like GP visits, clinic trips, and hospital stays is funded by a mandatory health insurance tax. Netherlands natives pay around €100 a month to access this type of medical attention, which is called `curative care` ( People with long-term illnesses, terminal illnesses, or the elderly are subsidised by the government in Holland. If you are travelling to the Netherlands on a Netherlands Health Insurance Card, it’s likely you will require healthcare under the first bracket, if any.

What is the Netherlands GHIC application process?

To apply for a Netherlands UK GHIC Card or Czech Republic GHIC card, you can do so via this NHS link ( Here are the basic steps you will go through via a Netherlands GHIC application, should your EHIC expire and you need a replacement before travelling to the Netherlands:

1. Visit the NHS link provided above
2. Answer the eligibility questions
3. Provide your supporting evidence to eligibility, which is your nationality and address
4. If your application is not eligible, you will be notified straight away and can start again
5. If your application is eligible, it will be reviewed and you will be notified afterwards
6. If you are travelling with a spouse or children, you can go ahead and apply for a GHIC on their behalf using the same application process (as long as they also meet eligibility)

Is Covid-19 covered by the GHIC Card?

In short, yes! The GHIC Card like Denmark GHIC card covers both preexisting and underlying medical conditions and illness influenced by a global pandemic. So, if you travel to the Netherlands on a GHIC Card and you, unfortunately, contract Covid-19 (Coronavirus), you will be entitled to medical care at a state-funded hospital (although, not at a private Netherlands hospital).

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FAQs about the Netherlands GHIC

How much does a Netherlands GHIC cost?

Netherlands GHIC Cards are free of charge if you apply for one yourself. If you want a company to help you apply for one, they might charge an admin fee. Though, the card itself will still be free of charge.

What’s the difference between a GHIC and an EHIC?

The EHIC (est. 2006) is the predecessor (and pre-Brexit version) of the GHIC Card. There are only two differences; the name of the card, and that you can no longer use the card in non-EU countries. The EHIC covered the four member states in the European Free Trade Area (Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein (in the Alps), and Switzerland), however, the GHIC does not. If you already hold an EHIC Card and it hasn’t yet run out, you are entitled to use it until the date shown on the card. Once your EHIC expires, you can apply for a GHIC.

Are there any exemptions when using a GHIC Card?

A GHIC Card enables the cardholder to receive basic healthcare in a way that locals would, but it does not include private healthcare. A Netherlands UK GHIC Card also doesn’t cover you if you should need medical attention while on a cruise or ski resort holiday. Because of these exemptions, the government recommends you also purchase travel insurance alongside any health insurance policy, including a GHIC Card.